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Hot EBay Alternatives–Best Alternative Sites for Sellers

Sizzling eBay Alternatives for Devoted Sellers

Does eBay have the best interests of its buyer and seller clients at heart, or is really just another shareholder centered corporation? That is a controversial question, but there is no doubt that eBay has angered and driven away many sellers due to increasing seller fees as well as increasingly stringent policies that many feel micro manage sellers with an iron grip. Is eBay still the premier online auction venue? That depends on whom you ask, nevertheless, iron grip or no, general consensus appears to hold that eBay remains the kingpin of the online auction world.

Are there viable alternative to selling on eBay? Yes. Is it in your best interest to move from eBay? That I can’t say, though I can say that some Powersellers have found other auction venues and continued to do quite well.

Perhaps the best-known eBay competitor, a household name across the world, is and the Amazon merchant program. Brent Crouch, of Jillian Entertainment, himself an eBay Powerseller with a million dollar business, left eBay several years ago and reports that he moved to the Amazon merchant program and did even better than he had on eBay. In fact, he did so well away from eBay that he sold his business for a multi-million dollar amount. Pretty nice, I’d say! For the record, I haven’t tried selling through the Amazon merchant program, though I’ve never heard any significant negative feedback. Evidently, Amazon pays attention to its sellers.

Anyway, my point is that if you are disgruntled with eBay yet love the auction life but are unsure if there is any other game in town, there are options. In this post I want mention some of the possibilities I’ve found with a little research. Now, these are not to be taken as recommendations, as I have not actually tried to use them.

Top 10 Alternatives to eBay

Amazon Merchant Program
Enough said. Check out the schedule of fees for professional sellers. Even hobby sellers can get in on the action for a pittance of what eBay charges.
Yes, Overstock has an auction environment, and I hear that this is now rated as a viable eBay contender.

Although not as big as eBay, still a competitor. Worth checking out.

eBid Auctions
Another eBay competitor. I’ve picked up some disgruntled rumblings of late, but you should check this out if you are looking for some other auction home. Salehoo lists this in its list of top ten eBay alternatives.

Based in Australia, though foreign listings allowed. No fees, though much smaller traffic and listings take longer to sell.

Now known as Bonanza . . . . According to my research, many sellers are having success with Bonanza as a viable alternative to eBay.

Google Product Search
Not an auction site, but if you have your own website, then you definitely want to consider listing with Google Product Search. It is free to list, and you have other check-out options besides PayPal.

Another Google product. Google has created an online marketplace similar to Amazon listed above. Your listings are created as product pages. SellStuff! is hosted by the Google App engine. I don’t know how effective this is, but if its Google, it is probably getting traffic. Again, other check-out options besides PayPal.

Craig’s List
I have heard some eBayers say that they do as well or better using Craig’s List for many of their auction items. One former eBayer reports that vehicles and collectibles do very well on CL.

I hear that this is becoming more and more popular even though its traffic doesn’t measure up to eBay; however, right now no one’s traffic measures up to eBay. Bluejay is reported to be completely (as in 100%) free and submits listings to Google Shopping.

I’m going to stop here for the moment. I know that there are other top sites, and I’ll save those for another post. So far, I’ve tried to list sites that can offer a realistic expectation of sales. There are auction sites popping up constantly on the Internet, tiny mom & pop sites that have so little traffic that I’m not sure I should bother trying to list them all. If any of you reading this post have your own auction site, please feel free to tell us about it by leaving a comment. If anyone would like to leave a guest post about eBay alternatives or even your own auction site, please contact me.

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