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Skip McGrath-Great EBay Resource!

Anyone interested in eBay wholesale tips or just in really solid eBay seller tips should take the time to stop by If you are selling on eBay or even just thinking about selling on eBay and don’t know who Skip McGrath is, please take the time to sign up for his newsletter. The monthly newsletters provide low key, helpful tips and advice and wholesale tips on sources across many different product categories. If you have never heard of Skip McGrath, understand that if he were to forget everything he knows about eBay, he would still know more than 99% of everyone else selling on eBay.

As much as I hate to refer anyone away from this site, I truly feel that if you are even remotely interested in eBay selling and product sourcing and haven’t checked out, then you are missing out. Why the sudden enthusiasm? I was just reading over the November issue and looking through earlier issues that have been sitting in my in-box and started thinking that he really tells the truth as he sees it. I was particularly struck by his thoughts on how eBay regards its sellers. In the November issue, Skip McGrath wrote,

eBay is a corporation. They answer to Wall Street –not eBay members. All eBay policies are driven by one thing – earning more fees. Anything that gets in the way of that is road- kill to them. Lest you think I am being too harsh –most (but not all) large public corporations are like this. I have had experiences with Google that are far worse than this. There is something about these types of businesses. Once the original founders leave or they just get so big –they forget what got them there and take on an arrogance that is only matched by government bureaucrats.

In this same issue he explains that in his opinion, eBay is trying to discourage members from selling in a particular category of goods because it is sometimes problematic, meaning that buyer sometimes do not fully understand what they are getting despite the best efforts of the sellers to represent the goods they are selling.

I think you will be happily rewarded if you take the time to check out this resource. Go there but be sure to return to us here at as we also have some great wholesale tips to offer.

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